CCTPA was launched in 2021 to save money, time and risk for the UK public sector.

Operating as the CIPFA & CPRAS Technology Procurement Association (CCTPA), the joint venture brings together CIPFA’s many years of experience in public sector finance, with the expertise of the Cost and Procurement Advisory Service (CPRAS) in sourcing technology solutions for the public sector.

Because every pound saved for the public purse is a pound that can be put to better use for the communities we serve, especially with budgets stretched more than ever before by the pandemic.

From the smallest to the largest public sector organisation, we can save tens of thousands, hundreds of thousands, even millions of pounds by sourcing solutions, proving their validity, and building them into FTS-compliant Framework agreements, ready to be confidently called off without the need for a costly, lengthy and potentially risky tender process.

Are you looking for a particular solution?

We can review your challenge, work with you to source solutions, and create a bespoke Procurement Framework which leaves you ready and confident to call off those services, withpout the need to hold a tender process.